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An ultimate guide to a custom made tuxedo

A suit needs to be well crafted, with the proper choice of fabric, to stay at the pinnacle of fashion. Representing the elegant personality of men, suits and tuxedos are always a sign of being a debonair gentleman. From the 16th century when long cloaks and broad overflown coats were the symbols of men’s fashion, fashion has evolved largely up to this point and is still on the verge of evolution.

It was during those earlier times that custom made suits had a wide fan base among the elite societies. Skilful tailors crafting properly fitted coats was a renowned practice during those days. It was precisely in the year 1820 when a small invention revolutionized the practice of custom tailoring.

The invention of the tape measure made a drastic improvement in the tailoring methodologies. It allowed the tailoring shops to create a measurement and to apply this measurement while cutting fabric. On the other hand, granting a proper fitting bespoke suit also allowed the customer the freedom to choose a fabric. Each fabric bears its own quality and features, which would last the customer a lifetime.

As soon as the modern age made its way into fashion, it seemed to develop a likeliness towards custom made suits and shirts. As a result, formal wear such as custom made tuxedo gathered a huge fan base. The new age of fashion offers the choice of bespoke, off the rack and made to measure clothes.

Bespoke is an expensive fashion style, where each aspect of the fabric is designed on the basis of the specifications of the customer. Made to measure offers suits that are crafted to a certain amount and the remaining portion is built under the customer’s supervision. Off the rack clothes offer readymade suits where a client cannot exercise his intervention.

For a good custom made tuxedo, it is essential to determine the skill of the tailor. An adept tailor will take accurate measurements to implement proper fitting. Men’s fashion has evolved from bespoke cuts and double-breasted American suits to the Italian or Saville row styles of England. Each has its own unique style and remarkable attribute. While selecting a proper style, it is best to consult with a tailor as they lay down all the details and pick the perfect style that suits your body.

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